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What is YouGov Safe?

YouGov Safe is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to earn cash in exchange for giving permission for it to upload your data that is held by various services you already use.

How does it work?

When you add the YouGov Safe extension to your browser, you will be able to select from any uploads that are available to you. When you decide to upload data, you will be directed to the appropriate third party webpage (where you may be asked to log-in), and YouGov Safe will automatically read and copy the information on the page. For example, if you agree to upload your viewing history on an online media player, you will be taken to the page that displays your viewing history on that media player. Once the information has been successfully uploaded, you will be awarded points or cash, which will be displayed in your YouGov account pages. You can also view your upload history at any time within YouGov Safe.

What information does YouGov Safe collect?

That depends on the type of upload you agree to. The information may relate to your viewing history on one or more streaming services, or your online purchase history. You will always be able to see what information will be uploaded before you confirm that you’re happy for the information to be collected.

How do you ensure my data is secure?

To keep your data safe and secure, Safe is designed with multiple layers of protection, including secure data transfer, encryption, network access controls, and application-level controls distributed across a scalable, secure infrastructure. On top of that, we do not share the data in an identifiable form unless you have given us your consent to do so. This means that unless you have explicitly given us permission, only YouGov will be able to connect the data you share using YouGov Safe with identifiable data, such as your name or email address that you provided when you joined YouGov.

How will the information be used?

We will use the information collected by YouGov Safe for the market research purposes that are described in our privacy notices, which you can access at the bottom of this page. For example, we may invite you to participate in a survey because you have watched a specific TV show, and once you have completed the survey we can then combine yours and other people’s data to produce insights to understand what kinds of people watch that TV show.

Will you share the information with anyone else?

We will only share the information in an anonymous form with our clients (meaning that they will not be able to identify you from the information), unless you’ve specifically given your consent for us to share it in an identifiable form. These insights help our clients make decisions to improve their businesses.

How can I stop participating in YouGov Safe?

We have built YouGov Safe so you are always in control of your data - it is completely up to you how much data you decide to upload. If you no longer wish to participate in YouGov Safe, you can simply ignore the upload opportunities that are available to you. If you would like us to delete the data that has already been collected, simply click on “Contact us” and let us know whether you’d like us to delete all of your data, or specific data only.

When you ask us to delete your YouGov account, the link between YouGov Safe and all of your personal data, e.g. your name and email address, is removed. This means that you don't need to do anything else to ensure your personal data is deleted from YouGov Safe, but you may also wish to uninstall the YouGov Safe browser extension using these instructions.

Our privacy notices and terms & conditions

If you are a member of YouGov's research panel, you can consult our panel privacy information and terms & conditions.