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Connecting sources

Connect data sources and add data to Safe.


Start connecting sources

Click “Get started” or “Connect” to start.

Connecting data 1


Browser extension

For the majority of our data sources you will be prompted to download the YouGov Safe extension to your browser from the Chrome Store. Please note, you must use the Chrome Browser for the Safe to work. If you use Firefox or Safari, you may connect data that doesn’t use the Safe Extension.

Connecting data 2


Install the extension

Download the YouGov Safe extension to your browser.

Connecting data 3


Log in

Login to the Safe Extension with your YouGov account.

Connecting data 4


Select the data source(s) you’d like to add

Once you’ve logged into your YouGov account, you can choose which data sources you’d like to connect. Please note: Connecting data will open a new tab for the data you’ve chosen.

Connecting data 5


Review details and consent for Safe to collect and store your data

For each data source selected, you’ll be presented with detailed information that includes what data is collected, example data, and how we collect and store that data. These data source consents allow YouGov to collect and store your data to offer you opportunities and projects that will reward you with points.

Connecting data 6


Review your first paid project (by YouGov)

Earn points by joining insights projects. Read more about paid projects.

Connecting data 7


Login to a data source if necessary

You might be asked to login to the data source if you are not already logged in. The data adding process will automatically resume once you are logged in but depending on the data source, you may be asked an additional step. For example, for Netflix you need to select your profile if on a joint account and for YouTube it might ask if you are on the correct account (if you have multiple).

Connecting data 8



All set up! You can now receive points for your data. If companies are interested in using your data, you will receive project invites as explained in the next section.

Connecting data 9
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